Episode 1

The #1 Reason Why You Feel Dissatisfied With Your Life.

Do you wonder what happened to the version of yourself that existed in your 20s? A life that was full of big dreams and hopes for the future!

Do you ever feel unhappy or dissatisfied with the current state of your career, friendship, marriage, finances, or even your faith?

Do things look different from what you imagined when you were a younger woman? 

Many women find themselves in midlife crises when they hit their late thirties and early forties. Whether you have approached it or already lived it, you must accept it and move on.

With all of your achievements and accolades, it is easier to feel that you haven’t achieved your potential, and that can create stress and unhappiness.

I am with you in this podcast to walk with you every step of the way and help you navigate these crises in your life and stay happier without any medicine.

I am your host Dr. Yewande Olamide, a Medical Psychotherapist, Mental Health Advocate, Financial Literacy Educator, and Speaker. In this episode, I will tell you why you feel dissatisfied in your life and the steps you can take to fix this problem. 

Tune in!

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